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We are a web design company based in middlesbrough offering bespoke websites, Search Engine Optimisation, E-Commerce Webstores & Pay-Per-Click Ads Management. Our websites are built using WordPress and designed to be fast loading, search friendly and bespoke to your business!

Responsive Web Design!

Today, people access the internet from a multitude of devices, each with different screen sizes and resolutions. If your website isn’t designed to adapt to these varying conditions, the user experience could be compromised. A site that’s hard to navigate or read on smaller screens is likely to deter visitors, which could result in lost business opportunities. Moreover, search engines like Google consider mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor, so having a responsive design could also improve your website’s search engine ranking. In a world where the internet is increasingly accessed via mobile devices, responsive web design is no longer just an optional feature; it’s a necessity.

Website Design Middlesbrough
Ecommerce Web Design in Middlesbrough

Web Design & Development

Whether you’re seeking a fresh website or aiming to revamp your existing online presence, our comprehensive digital agency is poised to assist you in carving out your niche within a competitive online landscape.

Our focus revolves around establishing a robust platform for your business, harnessing the user-friendly capabilities of WordPress to guarantee a visually striking interface, practical design elements, and a content management system that amplifies your organic visibility on search engines.

Clean Code, Clean Wesbsite!

Where web technologies are continually evolving, clean coding ensures that your code remains flexible and easy to adapt. For instance, if you decide to integrate a new feature or need to debug an issue, clean code allows you to make changes without disturbing other parts of the system. It also improves collaboration among team members, as they don’t have to waste time trying to understand poorly written code. Moreover, clean code is often better optimised for performance, leading to faster load times and a better user experience. So, investing time in writing clean code for your website can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Clean Coding

Built for Success!

Successful business websites often incorporate a few key features to enhance user experience and achieve their goals. These usually include intuitive navigation, a clear call to action, high-quality visuals, and responsive design to ensure the site looks good on all devices. They also focus on fast loading times and search engine optimisation (SEO) to attract more visitors. These elements, when combined effectively, create a website that not only looks good but also serves the functional needs of the business and its customers.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Managing Google Ads and Pay-Per-Click

eCommerce Store

Developing online eCommerce websites

SEO Services

Help your business grow organically

First Impressions Last: Create a Stellar Impact with Pixel Web Design

When it comes to your business, the quality of your website speaks volumes. It’s often the first, and sometimes the only, touchpoint your audience has with your brand. At Pixel Web Design, we’re committed to crafting a website that not only impresses at first glance but also performs seamlessly across all devices. Because, let’s face it, in today’s digital age, your website is essentially your shop window.

Collaborative Design Process

Our approach begins with you. Before delving into the design, we set up a conversation to understand the scope of your project, your objectives, and any specific design features you’d like to incorporate. If you’ve spotted some websites that have caught your eye, fantastic—share them with us. If you’re unsure about your needs, that’s perfectly fine too. We offer a plethora of creative ideas tailored to your brand, offering you as much or as little involvement as you’d like in the design process.

Copywriting That Converts

Forget tedious tales about your company’s age-old history—your audience is interested in what you can do for them now. Our adept team of copywriters crafts compelling narratives that not only captivate but also drive conversions. Already pleased with your existing copy? No worries. We can enhance its SEO elements to fuel a surge in both traffic and conversions.

Optimised for the Mobile Era

Our websites aren’t just mobile-friendly—they’re built for mobile. Utilising our User Flow Prioritisation method, we adapt the layout for each device based on user behaviour and needs. This not only enhances your Google rankings but also makes it significantly easier for mobile users to convert. Whether they arrive via PPC, Facebook ads, or influencer marketing, a Pixel Web Design website maximises every touchpoint.

Learner Driver
IAM Fitness
Darcy & Grey
Clean Planet UK
North York Moors Athletics Club
Parkview Vocational Centre

Built using WordPress

Designed to be found

Scalable across all devices

Managed Content & Updates

Pixel web Design
Pixel web Design

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Pixel web Design

Flexible payments to suit your budget....

We aim to provide flexible and accessible website design, development, and SEO services.

To achieve this, we offer various payment options that cater to your unique needs. For web design and development projects, we require an upfront deposit to secure your project and commence work.

Once that is done, the remaining balance can be paid in instalments through a pre-arranged agreement.

For SEO services, we offer monthly retainer agreements and one-time project fees.

We also offer the opportunity to manage and maintain your website, its security & content. This means for an agreed monthly fee can can literally take the pressure and time off your hands to ensure your website is always up to date with the latest information, products and services.

We believe that high-quality website design, development, and SEO services should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.